Step 1.

HOT TIP! Go to a Subaru Dealership and buy a car lighter for a Subaru Impreza part# 86701TA01 for about $6. It features a ceramic element core that keeps the element hotter longer and it has a casing with small holes above the element to improve the heat to air exchange. Fits in most car lighter receptacles.

1. Gently slide the bowl to the end of the intake and pack with your herb of choice.

Hint: Use a threading motion to ease the sliding.

Step 2.

2. Pull the bowl back into the intake to approximately the halfway point and dial-in from there. Extraction temperature is adjusted by altering the distance of the bowl to the end of the intake.

Step 3.

3. The closer to the end of the intake, and thus closer to the heat source, the smokier the vapor will be; the farther from the end of the intake, and thus farther from the heat source, the cleaner the vapor will be. Dial-in to taste.

Step 4.

4. Depress the car lighter and put directly to the end of the intake as soon as it pops out hot; immediately begin inhalation.

Hint: Inhale progressively stronger to compensate for the progressive cooling of the car lighter.

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