VRIP: (Noun/Verb) Vapor Respiratory Inhalation Perfection

NOW AVAILABLE --- VHW Vaporization Heat Wand with all Glass Heating Surface, Small, Ergo Form, and Vortex Air Flow for the Most Concentrated and Broadest Spectrum, Aromatic Vapor Extractions and Deliveries. Optional Water and Ice Conditioning for the Smoothest and Strongest Vapor Inhalations Possible. Modular design compatible with many different pipes. Connoisseur Quality Vapor.


NOW AVAILABLE --- VWT PerK Vaporization Water Tool PerK Model with extra thick German Pyrex glass, VripGrip Ice Catch, UFO PerK chamber, flush mount ground joint down stem with sixteen micro diffuser jets (German ground joints), accepts VCBS_14.4mm or VCB_14.4mm GonG-style Vaporization Chamber Bowls for the perfect amount of resistance and Silky Smooth Vapor.


Check some of the YouTube video posts of the VHW in action:

Inventors of the most important water pipe upgrade available:

The Vaporization Chamber Bowl!

Vaporize through the pipe you already own!

Maintain the ritual and actually improve the taste and intensify the effects while getting the health and economic benefits of vaporization!


NEW Steinel HG2510 ESD Heat Gun:

NEW! Ultra-Precise Dynamic Temperature Control! Steinel's top of the line heat tool with ceramic encapsulated heating element, dynamic thermo-coupled control, LCD temperature display, new digital temperature and air flow controls, new lower air flow option for minimized vapor oxidation, new pre-set programs for multiple temperature and air flow combinations with one touch, filtered air intake and direct clean air routing, and a smaller housing!


Vapour Tea | vapor-specific, phytotherapeutic, organic herbal blends

the tea you breathe...

Designed specifically for vapor delivery (inhalation), Vapour Tea is a new and original concept in organic herbal blends. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic herbs are synergistically combined to provide effective and delicious medicinal teas.


VripMaster VaporBat Portable Vapor System for the Car!

Take vapor inhalations using your car lighter as the heat source! We've taken the idea of a "slider" that works off of a car lighter and improved it 100% utilizing our patented Vaporization Chamber Bowl design principle. It's not quite a Vrip, but it's Simple, Quick, Portable, and it Works! Otherwise our name wouldn't be on it! NOW AVAILABLE!

Patent Granted!

The VripMaster Vaporization Chamber Bowl has proven to be such an efficient extraction and delivery device that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued Utility Patent #6,354,301 to protect it!

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Extraction & Delivery Glassware Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A

Forced Air Heat Tools Designed in Germany & Manufactured in Switzerland



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