Comparisions and Reviews

VripTech International has been manufacturing High Performance Vaporization Tools since 1997. The design of the glass and the heat sources have evolved, but the product focus remains the same: an obsession with vapor FLAVOR, CONSISTENCY, and CONCENTRATION, a preference for RITUALS known and loved, and more TRUST put in the sensory capabilities of the human anatomy than in digital gadgetry, LED lights, and remote controls.

Only the VripMaster line of High Performance Vaporization Tools make 100% ALL GLASS temperature controlled heating, vapor extraction, and delivery with both raw herbs and essential oils possible.

Only the VripMaster line of High Performance Vaporization Tools make adapting Functional Glass pieces of virtually ALL brands and artists to top shelf vapor easy, cost-effective, and with the mode of use that preserves much of the ritual and ergonomics of the way these pieces are designed to be used to smoke.

There are many vaporizers on the market today, but if FLAVOR, CONSISTENCY, and CONCENTRATION of the vapor extracted and delivered are of simultaneous consideration than the field is whittled fast to the few units that feature the most glass --- look close though as the “ALL GLASS” claim is tossed about loosely and can rarely be truly substantiated. Metal screens, medical grade plastic or silicone hoses or bags are not “All GLASS” and absolutely present material surfaces of less than ideal polarity to the extracted vapor, in turn, limiting the FLAVOR, CONSISTENCY, and CONCENTRATION of the vapor that is ultimately inhaled.

VripTech is known for its vaporization kit’s exceptional ability to yield the broadest spectrum and best tasting vapor extractions and deliveries in the now crowded world of commercially available vaporizers. As a result, we’re often asked what portable devices we use and would recommend and, occasionally, what alternative plug-in vaporizers we’d prefer if we couldn’t use a Vrip system.

It’s important to note here that although Vrip’s prioritized leanings are clearly towards vapor quality and taste in a functional glass ritual we believe that all the actually functional and non-toxic vaporizer devices or systems out there have their merits (cost, ease/style of use, durability, size/stealth, battery life or power draw, customer support, vapor quality and flavor, etc.) and it is in the customer’s best interest to do their research to figure out what might work best for them and accept the fact that they may have to go a few rounds to dial into a device and even try a few devices out before finding their best vaporizer “home” which will likely include more than one device/system, i.e. a plug-in for home use and larger more fulfilling vapor deliveries and a portable for when on the run and out and about.

There is no shortage of vaporizer reviews and vaporizer critics out there and while many are completely legitimate many do have commercial interest in favoring some brands over others and this will often be reflected in the course of their reviews (unintentionally or otherwise). Forums such as have vaporizer device and vaporization subject centric threads that tend to be driven mostly by actual customers who are true vaporists (vapor connoisseurs) and will give their often nano-detailed reviews --- there are also moderators who do a great job of keeping threads on the subject and moderating commercial leaning or detractive posts. Forums such as this are a great way to get real feedback and even ask questions of real customers using the actual devices you’re looking at to be sure your preferences and leanings are addressed in the review you go by for making a purchase if you can’t actually use the device/system before hand.

Below is a list of companies and products that we have found to stand out amongst the rest. They may not provide a true “all glass” heating, extraction and delivery path as we do, but are using better materials in better designs than most for sure and the customer-in-common feedback has been overwhelmingly positive regarding not just the devices, but also the company/distributors and customer care they provide.

VripTech’s List of Best Portable and Alternative Plug-In Vaporizers:

VapeXhale Cloud EVO (plug-in / all glass path) available at

Arizer Air and Solo (plug-in AND portable) available at

Herbalizer “Smart Vape” available at

Vapor Brothers (Whip-style with options) available at

SSV (Whip-style with options) available at

Vapor Genie Glass Sherlock or Bat (flame filter portable) available at

Magic Flight Launch Box (rechargeable portable) available at

We’re also often asked for recommendations on functional glass artists and/or companies making great functional glass pieces that will work for awesome VRIPFlavorCountry vapor inhalation water tools or bubblers. Heads up --- many pieces these days are set up for concentrates and feature a male instead of female downstem that can be adapted to accept VRIP bowls with an adapter --- if we get enough requests we may make a female bowl option in the future. Below is a list of the standouts from our own and customers’ experiences. There are, of course, many, many more --- support Functional Glass Art and make the world a better place. Inhale your Vapor through pure and clean Functional Glass instead of Funk-tional Plastic and Alloy and enjoy the full flavor.

VripTech’s list (in no particular order) of proven Functional Glass Artists and Companies (most available at some direct or at your local glass gallery):

HiSi (VRIP’s long time production partner) available at

HVY Glass available at

HOPS available at

Illadelph Glass available at

RooR available at

Sovereignty available at

Mobius Glassworks available at

TORO available at

GRAVLAB available at

SYN Glass available at