Q. What is vaporization? What is volatilization? What is Hot Gas Extraction Aromatherapy or Phyto-Inhalation?

A. The short answer is they are all the same: the inhalation of plant essences extracted with controlled heat so as to convey a pure clean vapor or a desired hybrid of vapor and smoke. The quality attainable varies widely; however, dependent upon the device and user selected settings and technique. ALL VAPOR IS NOT CREATED EQUAL! Vaporization is what occurs when the active aromatic and medicinal constituents found in plants are heated to their boiling points, or vaporization temperature range, and release vapor containing the active constituents in a gaseous state. This vapor can be inhaled to deliver the actives via the tracheo-bronchial tree much like smoking or using a nebulizer, but without the harmful irritants and carcinogens found in smoke that results from combustion (as opposed to controlled heating) of the plant material and without the alcohol and preserved water that serves as a base for the nebulizer solutions. This is possible because the vaporization temperature range of the active and aromatic constituents in simple dried herbs is significantly below their flash point and pyrrolytic temperature and that of the surrounding plant material. With an effective vaporization technique no combustion, or burning of the active and aromatic constituents or the plant material they reside within takes place. This process is also termed volatilization for scientific purposes to be more technically correct due to the fact that it is the volatile plant oils that are being released in a vapor like form in extractions from volatile oil containing plants. The term volatilization is more scientifically correct in that it refers to the process of converting a volatile oil into a gaseous state while vaporization technically refers to the conversion of something that is normally solid or liquid into a gaseous state (volatile oils having different properties than either solids or liquids). Whatever you want to call it…it's a whole lot better than smoking, teas, tinctures, or capsules as a delivery medium because it’s cleaner than smoking and much faster acting than any of the oral or metabolic delivery methods.

Q. How long does the VHW take to heat up and what is the element made of?

A. Because the VHW uses an all glass heat exchange it has much more thermal mass than a metal element (such as a nichrome coil or the aluminum block heater on a Volcano) or alumina ceramic cartridge elements found on most vaporizers today so it will take 3-5 minutes to heat up to operational temp and could take a few minutes longer to reach full temp if you’re running it wide open for hybrid vapor/smoke. Using our VHW stand or a coffee mug that it can be inverted in to hold the heat will speed the heating up by about 30-50% depending upon ambient conditions, but it is important not to leave it on full heat inverted for extended periods --- only for heating up and the typical in and out of a session otherwise retained heat could damage tip seals (if used). Our heater has an IC or integrated circuit-type element that is encapsulated in alumina ceramic which is then covered with our proprietary glass cover so that the actual heat exchange heating the convective stream with which you extract vapor and inhale is 100% glass for NEUTRAL POLARITY HEAT! This is the VRIP DIFFERENCE! It is an advanced element that may look much like other ceramic elements on the market, but it is very different as it is not a nichrome coil, it is rather an integrated circuit which contains both the heating element and a thermocouple for control. Like other cartridge elements though it is easily replaced and the standard duty cycle is in the 400-600 hours of usage range. We tell customers who use it as a daily driver to expect to replace the element every 12-18 months ($30 is the cost for our element replacement service), but it is not unusual for them to last many years. The quality of the power and ground at the power outlet used, as well as, the usage habits of the user will play a role of course.

Q. How do I get to VRIP Flavor Country?

A. Simple. Take VRIP Vapes, or as we call them “VRIPS” with high quality herbs and oils.

Q. What kind of tubes or bubblers are best for Vrips?

A. We really like to use tubes with good diffusion and ice catches in the 12"-14" range, but love a good bubbler too as long as the design doesn't put your face right next to the heat tool which is rarely the case except on bubblers with really compact mouthpieces. Check out our Comparison and Reviews page for a list of brands we personally and our customers have personally raved about for Vrips.

Q. What is the best technique to take Vrips?

A. One of the greatest things about the Vrip Vaporization Tools approach to vaporization is that it can be tuned to your personal preferences. Generally those transitioning from smoking or who desire a hybrid smoke/vapor will simply want to run the VHW wide open full heat or the HG low airflow at 400-410F and begin pulling as soon as it is seated in the intake, crack the seal while pausing so as not to overheat, and seal it back up when the inhalation is resumed. For long term refined technique; however, we recommend a more controlled approach we call Higher Aromatherapy whereas you run a lower temperature (approximately 80-90% full temp on the VHW and 380-390F on the HG with low air flow) that will require the heat tool to be seated for a heat up of 5-15 seconds before you begin inhaling, a primer pull to get the vapor milking up in the tube (more or less depending upon the size of the tube/bubbler), an exhale without cracking the seal, and then a primary pull milking it “skim milk” blue full-spectrum, clean and condensed. In the case of high oil content herbs a stir and repeat process is recommended to a get a full extraction and completely dry out the herbs. Repeat as necessary on the journey to Flavor Country.

Q. When do you ship?

A. We usually ship the following Tuesday or Thursday from when the order is received; those are our standard shipping days unless we have back orders in which case we ship ASAP on all days of the week except Monday.

Q. What are your shipping options?

A. Domestic orders are shipped UPS Ground while International, Post Box, or Non-Contiguous US Orders are shipped USPS First Class or Priority ---- please email us @ info@vriptech.com or call us on Skype at 650.206.2301 for any special shipping instructions, requests, or for an order status if you haven’t received tracking or advisement.

Q. How long will it take to get my kit?

A. Backorders of more than a few days are rare on the glass, but will occur occasionally on the heat tools, or cases. Virtually all orders are shipped within the first week after order receipt. Please be patient and understand we’re a small company blowing extremely challenging hand-made functional glass to ridiculously tight tolerances something that is very different than a typical "vaporizer" company. Thanks for your understanding and patience and thanks for choosing Vrip --- we aim for the vapor delivered, our products and our support to exceed your expectations.

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