Vrip Glass Screen - Small - Pack of two

Vrip Glass Screen - Small - Pack of two

Code: VGSS


Product Details

Vrip Glass Screen - Small - Pack of two. Perfectly sized for resting in a lower position in Vrip legacy lower bowls (not for Version 4.2 --- please see VGS4.2) for an extended venturi efficiency and deeper packed larger sample size extractions. Significant improvement in rate and surface area of thermal equilibrium translates into better extractions plus the purity and polarity benefits of glass. If FLAVOR is the priority it doesn't get any better than a Vrip with a glass screen. * Please note that although these are so small and light that you would think they should be delivered by carrier pigeons for free UPS charges by the packaging dimensions and weight as well so it's best to order with other larger items for best value. If you ONLY want the glass screens please email us at info@vriptech.com and we'll sort out a USPS padded envelope shipment for much less than the shopping cart will calculate for our standard carrier UPS.