VHW3.0 and VWT Pro-Model Kit w/ VCB4.2_14.4mm

VHW3.0 and VWT Pro-Model Kit w/ VCB4.2_14.4mm



Product Details

Promotional Pricing: Save some bucks with a Full Kit Value! VHW Vaporization Heat Wand with VWT Pro-Model Water Tooland VCB4.2_14.4mm Vaporization Chamber Bowl. This is a Complete Kit that will take you to the highest quality vapor at a tremendous value! All Glass heating surface, extraction chamber, and delivery vessel --- even the screen is glass! The broadest spectrum, most aromatic, and most condensed ice and water conditioned vapor in the world thanks to the proprietary design features including directed intake vortex convection of the VHW, and sequential venturi VCB bowl: The VripTech Difference you can Taste. Aromatherapy/Phyto-Inhalation at its BEST! VCB4.2 comes with one glass screen --- at least one extra pair of these glass screens available as part code VGS4.2 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Stand shown in picture available separately as part code VHWS.***VHW shown in picture is original Ver. 1.0 and VCB shown in pic is a legacy model --- the kit now ships with currently available VHW3.0, VCB4.2_14.4mm and updated VWT Pro-Models with the GJDS downstem that accepts the VCB4.2_14.4mm bowls.All GLASS ON GLASS WITHOUT ANY METAL OR CERAMIC ANYWHERE IN THE HEAT, EXTRACTION OR VAPOR PATHS!