Vaporization Heat Wand Glass Stand

Vaporization Heat Wand Glass Stand

Code: VHWS


Product Details

Beautiful and Functional Champagne Base Glass Stand for the VHW. This heavy wall glass stand will help the VHW heat up faster and provides a great place to put it between usage during a typical session (i.e. in and out)---not for extended full heat stand-by periods as this will damage the tip---please use horizontal position on heat proof surface for extended full heat stand-by periods. ***Warning: This stand will still get hot to the touch on the outside just as the glass cover on the wand does if the wand is left on in there for extended periods of time and this stand is not heavy enough to withstand the weight of more than a couple of feet of the cord so it is very important to have some kind of strain relief on the cord if being used on an elevated surface to be sure the VHW in stand does not tip over and break. Also, a good idea to keep the cord out of the path of happy go lucky dogs!