Vaporization Heat Wand and Vaporization Chamber Bowl Vapor Upgrade Kit
VHW 3.0 and VCB4.2_14.4mm Vapor Upgrade Kit

VHW 3.0 and VCB4.2_14.4mm Vapor Upgrade Kit

Code: VHWVCB_14_4mm


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Got a nice glass piece already? A tube or bubbler with a standard 14.4mm down stem? This kit takes you to VRIP Flavor Country and saves you a few bucks over buying the tools separately. It includes the Vaporization Heat Wand 3.0 with all glass neutral polarity vortex convection and the patented Vaporization Chamber Bowl 4.2 for sequential venturi full spectrum extractions: the Vrip Difference you can Taste. A new world of Luxury Vapor is at your fingertips.