Vaporization Water Tool BuB

Vaporization Water Tool BuB

Code: VWT_BuB


Product Details

A Vrip Bubbler!!!! Vaporization Water Tool BuB for the smallest footprint possible water conditioned Vrips! Mouthpiece is detachable for easy packing and because it is such reduced diameter and volume compared to full size tubes the vapor flows quick and easy for those with with smaller lungs or a lack of patience (you know who you are....). Also, great for those who want to have the smallest tool kit possible or for traveling. Uses the same exact GJDS "GonG" down stem with micro-diffusion and VCB4.2_14.4mm as on the VWT PerK or Pro-Models so a great complementary piece---use your PerK or Pro at home on the couch and use the BuB when out and about and a smaller tool kit is ideal for the world's finest Vapor always!