Vaporization Chamber Bowl 4.2 w/ 18.8mm GonG downstem

Vaporization Chamber Bowl 4.2 w/ 18.8mm GonG downstem

Code: VCB4_2_18_8mm


Product Details

Patented VRIPMASTER Two-Piece Vaporization Chamber Bowl Version 4.2 with Glass on Glass Lower Bowl to Upper Intake Connection, Custom Tooled and Ground Bowl with Venturi Bore and Glass Screen Shelf ID, and Ground Glass Spherical Heat Tool Interface with an 18.8mm downstem for adapting virtually any functional glass piece that accepts 18.8mm (often called 19mm)bowls to VRIPs! *image actually shows the identical otherwise 14.4mm version --- new pics of the 18.8mm coming soon! For use with all VRIPTECH supported Heat Tools including Vaporization Heat Wand (VHW)* Versions 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 (current model) and 4.2 (in development) and Steinel made heat guns. This VCB4.2 replaces ALL PRIOR VCB MODELS** Comes with a custom tooled Honeycomb Glass Screen from Blazing Blue Glass for 100% Glass Purity and Polarity! Glass Screen spares available and advised --- please see part code VGS4.2 (these are not off-the-shelf Honeycomb Glass Screens available anywhere else). *Can be used with or without existing VHW tip seals; with a tip seal gives a slightly more forgiving interface, while without a tip seal requires the wand to be held fairly straight to maintain functional seal.