Vaporization Heat Wand 60W 230V (Euro plug)

Vaporization Heat Wand 60W 230V (Euro plug)

Code: VHWE


Product Details

VHW Vaporization Heat Wand Ver. 3.0 with all glass heating surface, small and ergo form, and vortex neutral polarity convective air flow for the most concentrated and broadest spectrum aromatic vapor extractions and deliveries ever attained. Vaporization Chamber Bowl (VCB4.2) required for intended use and stand (VHWS) for quicker heat-ups sold separately. VCB4.2 bowls come with one custom fitted glass screen for all glass path, purity and polarity! At least one spare pair of glass screens available as part code VGS4.2 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! PLEASE NOTE: THE VHW IS RECOMMENDED FOR EXPERIENCED VAPOR CONNOISSEURS ONLY. IT IS NOT THE CHEAPEST, MOST DURABLE, OR EASIEST VAPORIZER TO USE...IT IS FOR SUPERIOR QUALITY VAPOR AS A PRODUCT OF CONSCIOUS AND CAREFUL USE. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR VAPOR QUALITY SUPERIOR TO THAT WHICH IS EXTRACTED WITH A PLASTIC OR BOX VAPORIZER AND INHALED THROUGH A HOSE OR OUT OF A PLASTIC BAG, BUT PREFER GREATER DURABILITY TO A GLASS VAPOR WAND PLEASE CONSIDER THE VRIP HG SYSTEM UTILIZING A VERY DURABLE STEINEL HG2510 HEAT GUN OR ONE OF MANY OTHER COMPATIBLE STEINEL MADE HEAT GUNS. *VHW Warranty Coverage: because of vastly ranging usage levels among our customers and our desire for our customers to always benefit the same superior quality vapor we enjoy daily, we will entertain any and all considerations on a case by case basis; however, our standard coverage for the VHW is One Year on the element/electronics and one month on the glass against manufacturer based defects, i.e. element burns out or glass cracks from regular usage only (if the glass is going to crack from regular usage it should happen within first few sessions). OOPS AND ERRTS IMPACTS ARE NOT COVERED!!! SORRY, WISH WE COULD, AND YES WE WILL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. GIVE THANKS FOR MODULAR DESIGN WHICH ALLOWS YOU TO REPLACE ONLY WHAT YOU BROKE!